Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dunedin Winter Multisport Series RACE 1

Last weekend was the first race of the Dunedin Winter Multisport Series. The race was based at Whare Flat and consisted of a 3km off road run - 10km MTB and final 3km run. Check out this You tube video of the race

After a fast start on some very muddy tracks I took the lead. With my new Salomon Speed Cross 2 making short work of slippery conditions. On to the MTB I was racing next to Norman Dunroy over the opening stages. The MTB consisted of a lot of slippery roots, mud holes and obstacles which was a great test for my Giant XTC-1 29er. In these tight conditions the 29er excelled and by the end of the ride I was out of sight of 2nd place. Into the final run I managed to hold a good pace only running 1 minute slower than the first 3km run and by the end I had built up a 5 minute buffer over 2nd place Norman Dunroy.

It was great to get out and stretch the legs after a lack of racing recently.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giant XTC-1 29er

I have had my new Giant XTC-1 29er for 2 weeks now and am loving it. At first I was skeptical of the 29er but now after putting it through its paces I am sold. I think that for multisport and marathon MTBing where the majority of riding is done on open trails and gravel roads the 29er is in its element. Even in tight single track where I had been told the 29er is disadvantaged compared to a 26, I feel that the 29er holds it own here as well. With my first race on the 29er being this weekend I look forward to giving it the real test.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well what a busy few months it has been.

I finally handed in my masters thesis which was the culmination of 2 years work investigating repeated high intensity training compared to endurance training and the changes in blood volume that they stimulate. Now that this is away getting marked I am working on getting it published in a research journal as well as seeking funding to go to Liverpool to present my findings at the European Collage of Sport Science conference in July

On the racing front I have just finished the Coast to Coast as part of a team with Grant Sime. We had a great weekend away and finished 7th in the men’s teams. I managed to paddle the 6th fastest time down the river which I was pleased with given I put a large hole in the side of my Sission Evolution Omega and had to stop a couple of time to empty the water out.

There is now 9 weeks until the national marathon kayak champs in Wellington. All going well I plan to be on the start line there to give the 28km loop course + portages a good nudge. The transition from multisport to K1 paddling has been an exciting one so far and the nationals will be a good indicator of where I am at. At the end of May there will also be a chance to try my hand in a few sprint competitions which I am really looking forward to.

So now as I wait to receive the results of my thesis I am busy coaching a number of athletes through Exponential Performance Coaching, working at university teaching undergrad labs as well as doing work for Bikenz with the national track squad.